Liquid chromatography is a critical separations technique in the hemp extraction industry. Cannabinoid remediation is essential to creating, not only a legal product, but a quality product as well. This method of separations through chromatography is consistent and effective, but often not entirely productive at large scale. In order to solve this issue extraktLAB has worked tirelessly to provide the pure99 to the industry.

In this video blog, Dr. Jon take a step by step tour of the latest version of the pure99 high performance liquid chromatography system. Dr. Jon takes you through the inner workings of the pure99 underneath the paneling to show you what makes this incredible chromatography solution tic and how it can be implemented into your production.

The pure99 was specifically designed with the botanical extraction industry in mind. It is a high pressure, automated chromatography separations module for preparative chromatography. After decades of implemented chromatography research, the pure99 liquid chromatography system is ready to perform high throughput separations in your botanical extraction operations.

Whether you’re a veteran in the hemp extraction industry, or your brand new to the entire business, liquid chromatography is an essential separations process in any operation. Our goal is to always be the authority you can turn to when you need information about the hemp industry. Contact us at any time with questions, quotes on our equipment, training and consultation,¬†Call:¬†651-464-2822


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