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Quality assurance is an integral part of any profitable business, and the hemp and cannabis industry is no different. When it comes to safe, quality products, analytical testing of materials and products is critical to ensure that laws and regulations are abided by, and customers are using a certifiably safe product. For this reason, it is important for any reputable extraction company to take part in rigorous testing in a variety of methods.

High performance liquid chromatography or HPLC testing and third-party testing are effective ways to test materials and products for chemical residuals, molds, solvents or other contaminants and is also a way to certify a legal product by measuring THC content in CBD products. Without these methods of analytical testing, it would be impossible to ensure safe and legal products from hemp and cannabis extracts.

In this episode of exrakTALKS, Dr. Jon and Randall Thompson explain all about analytical testing in the hemp and cannabis industry. They discuss in detail why you should test for contaminants, where you should be testing, and how you should be testing. They discuss the ins and outs of HPLC testing, the use of third-party tests to look for unknown contaminants, and how not testing can affect your business.

LISTEN to this episode:

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Test day!
01:55 – Ask questions!
02:09 – What’s offered
03:45 – Who are you?
05:00 – Last weeks giveaway winners
05:44 – Top 5 facts you need to know about testing
06:30 – Fact #1
06:45 – How to find your State rules
07:52 – Fact #2
09:00 – Fact #3
10:30 – Fact #4
11:44 – Fact #5
12:25 – Outline
12:50 – Split samples
14:20 – Different results
15:20 – Sequoia Lab example
17:02 – A Tale of Two Labs
19:25 – Lawyers exploiting
23:12 – Why test for unknown contaminants?
27:56 – Mind of an Analytical Chemist
28:43 – What are potential causes?
33:15 – Outline
33:49 – Problems with limits?
34:10 – Separation or Extraction
38:05 – Who uses HPLC testing?
38:12 – Farmer (hemp or marijuana)
39:10 – Investors
40:05 – Consumers
40:52 – Producers: What to test?
44:30 – Where to test?
56:30 – What does a COA tell you?
57:00 – 3rd party testing & in house testing?
57:30 – Any ASTM tests specific to cannabis?
58:46 – Recommendations for consumers and producers

Welcome to extrakTalks with Dr. Jon podcast. Dr. Jon is CEO and president of extraktLAB and United Science; an industry leader in hemp, cannabis and the extraction industry. Listen closely as Dr. Jon talks about his experiences, CBD extraction methodology and the ins and outs of owning your own business. Dr. Jon teaches you healthy business practices, how to increase your profits and steps to take your CBD company to a whole new level. Let’s dive in.


Randall Thompson  00:34

Hey, guys, welcome. Oh, now I can welcome I started early. Oh, who knows? Who knew


Dr. Jon  00:42

who knew?


Randall Thompson  00:43

And Challenge accepted. You see Dr. Jon over here.


Dr. Jon  00:47

Getting just getting the calculator finished.


Randall Thompson  00:50

Welcome. Welcome. appreciate you guys being here. I love your questions. Man. You guys are on it. And by the way, thank you for all you who were commenting about last week. Episode which was on making the best tincture ever. And somebody said that we were actually what Cheech and Chong in lab coats.


Dr. Jon  01:09

Yeah, pretty much went and took a nap. Right after.


Randall Thompson  01:12

Thanks for that, by the way, okay. And we had winners, we’d like five winners, Jared, you know, gives me the sheet and there’s like a paragraph of stuff on how do I say this? Okay, so I’m going to just jump right into the winners because that’s the most important right?


Dr. Jon  01:28

It is


Randall Thompson  01:28

topics and education isn’t


Dr. Jon  01:30

we giveaway stuff.


Randall Thompson  01:31

We do giveaway stuff. We are doing the rotovap rumble today, just so everybody knows you. That’s why you’re here. But tincture giveaways. Richard Spears, Chris rosamma. JOHN Westlake Matt neck Brodsky Nick Brodsky, Nicholas. How ke ds halkidiki helikites. Sorry. Sorry, Nicholas. Thank you. You all received five milliliter samples tincture and Apparently they are not my Thompson special


Dr. Jon  02:03

Oh, the 200 proof alcohol.


Randall Thompson  02:05

It was quite an afternoon By the way, yeah, after that show, and, but they are mystery flavors. So when you get them and taste them, send back or post what you think the mystery flavor is? And if you guessed correctly, you win something, right, Jared? Yeah, yes. Okay, so we got it. We got the thumbs up. Yes, you win something. Okay, so stay active. There’s a lot more chances to win. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Like our videos. There’s a lot of education, all our stuff is there. Okay, I keep bringing up the Sorry, I’m putting the piece of paper in front of me. But it’s a long paragraph that Jared put your next 10 comments on any video will be entered to win a drainDROYD hoodie.


Dr. Jon  02:51



Randall Thompson  02:51

And we’re wanting to do a are we doing a sound effect for DrainDROYD?


Dr. Jon  02:56

We are but we don’t have it programmed in yet.


Randall Thompson  02:58

Oh, but it’s gonna go DrainDROYD.


Dr. Jon  02:59

Something like that.


Randall Thompson  03:00

DrainDROYD.  Does that sound good to you like that? Okay, prizes never stopped around here. That’s, that’s very poetic, Jared. That’s very nice. We just, you know, we and we did send a swag bag to Barney in the UK.

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