We have noticed many extraction equipment companies coming out of the woodwork lately. Some have attempted to knock off our designs – and for good reason. The¬†extraktLAB¬ģ supercritical CO2¬†extraction¬†equipment runs with reliability you can bank on.

Sure, others have tried to offer more automation or greater range of maximum pressure, for example 10,000 psi extraction. This is another attempt at engineers trying to out-spec the competition with meaningless features that don’t add value. The proof is in the actual operation.

We know from our own experience that all of these new companies are currently going through a major R&D cycle, and if you are unfortunate enough to purchase one, you will be participating & paying for their R&D, their manufacturing scale up and their knowledge base.

The good news about extraktLAB¬ģ is that we already went through that cycle many years ago. I admit, it was tough and expensive.

However, this feature makes our systems the equivalent of late model cars: reliable, known, and easy to deploy.  Best of all, we have all the numbers to back up our claims.

running bannerEnter exhibit 1. This particular machine has been running in an extraction manufacturing facility since July of 2016. Now that would not normally be impressive. However, this particular model has been running since that time, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, and has not shut down except for scheduled maintenance (5-6 days).

That is impressive any way you cut it. That is 27,720 hours of continuous running. Better yet is the throughput figure from this machine. It has been running a wide variety of materials that range from 5% to 20% delta 9.

Although we don’t have an exact figure for total output, we do know for a fact that 15% material will yield about 17% w/w recovery in a 60-minute run time. At 8 kg/hr of biomass processed per hour, we calculate that this machine has processed about 244 tons of material for a total estimated yield of 37,700 kg of oil. Not too shabby.

As with any of these claims, as long as you are not a competitor or something like that, you are welcome to come and see for yourself. Fill out the contact form below or call us at 651-600-0036 to schedule a demo.