Behind-the-Scenes of Hemp Extraction

The hemp industry moves fast and the ever-changing science of hemp extraction is no different. Scientific innovations from experienced companies are starting to leave their mark and people are noticing.

Canadian LP Adastra Lab’s Managing Director, Andy Hale, stated in PerAspera’s press release:

“United Science’s extraktLAB Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment will bring superior throughput and reliability from a leader in the hemp industry. We are pleased to be working with the United Science team to enable fully scalable standard processor solution for Adastra Labs in the British Columbia Lower Mainland” (PerAspera 2018).

It’s true that the Model 140 supercritical CO2 extractor turns 8kg of raw hemp biomass into 600-1,200 grams of crude oil every 60-minutes (depending on trim THC/CBD %). extraktLAB’s dual 20L extraction vessel Model 140 hemp extractor offers “some of the fastest processing on the market,” according to GreenRushDaily.

Supercritical CO2 Hemp Extraction

Andy Hale, Managing Director of Adastra Labs, goes on to say that:

“United Science extraktLAB provides state-of-the-art supercritical CO2 extraction machines, high-throughput separation systems, and other turnkey processing facilities and manufacturing solutions including formulation consulting. Their cutting-edge technology will enable Adastra to make the shift from ‘expert’ and ‘artisan’ personnel to reproducible manufacturing processes. Their scalable processes will enable a foundation for manufacturing that has been designed to outperform on footprint, power and throughput” (PerAspera 2018).

With a 24 sq ft footprint, and minimal power consumption, the Model 140 just makes sense when it comes to scaling up. Two Model 140s will run on one 5hp chiller, so the more you scale up, the more energy efficient they become!

Hemp Extraction with extraktLAB

extraktLAB offers full solution turnkey hemp extraction facilities. Many of our customers like to take advantage of our “commissioning package”:

“Adastra will also be leveraging extraktLAB’s professional engineering services and technical consulting for all phases of the extraction process. Their engineering and consulting services will help Adastra create a manufacturing facility that meets or exceeds ISO and GLP/GMP-equivalent standards” (PerAspera 2018).

Our team of PhD scientists and engineers will help you get where you need to be and you’ll be reaching that ROI in no time!

Take another look behind-the-scenes of hemp extraction

Dan Larkin, host of Cannabis News Update (CNU), interviewed Dr. Jon Thompson, CEO of United Science and owner of extraktLAB, in the YouTube video, “CNU@MJBizCon with Dr. Jon Thompson.” The video covers an overview of Dr. Thompson’s business ventures as well as offers up some advice for those looking to break into the hemp industry.

CNU’s website reads, “Curious about the behind-the-scenes of hemp extraction – and how to get into the business – as well as the technical, equipment-based side of things?” Watch below:

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