Two Methods for Remediation of THC from CBD

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[00:00] – Two Methods for Remediation of THC From CBD
[00:25] – Compounds in Cannabis Oil
[01:46] – Degradation Reactions
[04:23] – Remediation Method 1: Heat, Open to Atmosphere
[06:53] – Remediation Method 2: Ozone + Heat
[08:53] – Degradation Apparatus
[09:43] – Pros & Cons of oxidation degradation techniques
[11:33] – Separations maintains integrity of sample
[13:53] – Separations Apparatus
[15:03] – High Yield, High Recovery
[16:43] – Selectivity
[19:13] – Gentle Separations Conditions
[20:19] – Traditional Drawbacks for Chromatography
[23:33] – Pure99 Solves Drawbacks; Offers Lowest Cost
[25:53] – Comparison of Degradation and Separation