Interview With Dr. Jon Thompson, extraktLAB and United Science

Dr. Jon Thompson is the founder and CEO of extraktLAB and United Science, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of hemp and botanical extraction and distillation equipment. ExtraktLAB also operates a 80,000 sq ft hemp extraction and processing facility in Osceola
WI able to process over 5 tons per day. Taking hemp biomass and making CBD distillate and isolate.

We sat down with Dr. Jon to dig into some of the science that goes into CO2 extraction and to learn why extraktLAB prefers supercritical CO2 over other methods, like ethanol or hydrocarbon extraction. We also discussed what goes into starting up an extraction

company. Finally, Dr. Jon gives some valuable advice for individuals looking to enter the botanical industry.

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0:00 Introduction with Tanner Berris
0:25 Diving into the facets of the cannabis industry
0:47 Benefits of CO2 extraction and why extraktLAB uses it
3:55 Benefits of extraktLAB extraction equipment
6:20 GMP Practices
7:30 Scaling up
7:50 Filtration, Solvent removal and Distillation equipment
8:30 What sets extraktLAB extractors apart
10:30 Is chilling biomass necessary for extraction?
12:00 Is there anything coming that could revolutionize extraction?
16:10 Things will change, CO2 will remain
17:25 More than five ton throughput is possible, not profitable
20:15 What goes into starting a hemp extraction business?
20:40 What careers are available in the extraction industry?
32:35 Advice for anyone looking to join in the hemp industry
35:55 Final Thoughts


No Ethanol, No Winterization,

No kidding!

Extraction through Distillation

Automation System.