How To Create A Brand | Startup School

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[00:00] - How To Create A Brand
[00:48] - Free Resources
[02:39] - Basic Element for a Startup
[02:50] - 3 Statements to solidify a brand
[05:01] - Pixelate the Vision
[05:20] - Communicate your Core Values
[06:22] - What is your brand promise?
[06:56] - Brand Promise Reflected in your products
[09:00] - Kind Bar Breakdown
[10:23] - What is the Emotional Essence?
[11:52] - How much Co2 was generated from a 1g Pen
[12:33] - What is your Universal Truth?
[15:47] - Kind Bar Ex: Universal Truth
[16:55] - What is Strategic Consumer Target?
[20:13] - What is the Benefit
[23:34] - Core Belief
[27:29] - Reasons To Believe: The Proof
[29:55] - Iconic Assets
[31:32] - Dr. Jon's Branding Formula
[35:16] - Startup School Process


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