GMP Utility Considerations

GMP practices can mean the difference between a concrete business, or a business made of paper in the extraction industry. If you are not GMP compliant in your business practices, you can be sure that your lack of compliance will catch up to you and eventually spell doom for your operations. But, what about your utilities? Have you overlooked an equally important aspect of the GMP equation?

GMP utilities coupled with a genuinely good GMP Process Flow is the means to success in the extraction industry. Good manufacturing practices are simply systems designed to ensure that products are created and produced with consistency according to strict quality standards. In creating extracts intended for human consumption (especially hemp based products), these standards are absolutely essential. So too are the GMP utilities you utilize.

In this video, extraktLAB CEO, Dr. Jon Thompson, discusses the best use of GMP utilities in your extraction business. He will break down the basic categories of utilities, the importance of Clean in Place procedures, direct, indirect and no impact to API and more. Listen and learn from this video to set yourself up for success in GMP compliance.

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Time Stamps:
[00:00] – GMP Utilities
[00:48] – Free Resources
[01:31] – Process for creating APIs & Final Dosage Forms
[01:45] – Utilities for Process Support
[03:41] – Categories of Utilities
[05:16] – Direct, Indirect, No Impact To API
[09:01] – General System Classifications
[12:33] – Considerations of Utilities for Level 3 areas
[14:13] – Process Air/ Gasses Considerations
[16:38] – Cryogenics and solvents
[19:20] – Process Vacuum
[21:01] – Glycol/Boiler Loops
[21:46] – Clean In Place Systems
[24:01] – Vents
[26:23] – Waste Handling
[28:19] – Examples of Direct Impact
[31:41] – Subject Matter Experts