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18,000 Grams CO2 Oil in 4 Days - No Sweat - ExtraktLAB
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18,000 Grams CO2 Oil in 4 Days – No Sweat

18,000 Grams CO2 Oil in 4 Days – No Sweat


Everyone in the supercritical CO2 extraction community likes to tout their stuff.  This report just came in from a United Science customer.  They produce bulk, pesticide-free CO2 oil, pens, and distillate products for the medical market and they are located in Humboldt County.  The owner just called to report on his output in the last four days with his extraktLAB® 2×5 extraction machines.


CO2 oil from extraktLAB® extractor manufactured by United Science.

“We got 18,000 grams of crude oil out in 4 days.”  

Figure showing about 2.5 gallons of extraktLAB® extract obtained from extracting 18000 g of oil in 4 days.

He went on to explain, ” We are running some flower and we got that amount of output running our 5L extractors. Our  next door neighbors are running a Waters 2oL system.  It took them four to five weeks running 24-7 to do what we did in four days.”  “Besides that, they spend half of their time fixing their machine.  We are crushing it.”



Now, granted some can run their Waters machine with more efficiency and we don’t know about their reliability….but still.  Focusing on the output,  those are outstanding numbers.  They went on to show us some pictures of their FULL collection vessels.  The collection vessels themselves are  12″ high x 8″ diameter.  Take a look at this gorgeous CO2 extract! He obtained these results with two 5L extractors, one of them running in recycle mode and the other a CO2 venting machine.  The 5L machine with a recycler will produce a terpene rich material whereas the venting machine separates the terpenes into their own fraction.