GMP Requirements for Labeling

If you are a hemp or botanical extraction business creating high quality distillate and isolate products for consumers, quality, safety and compliance with local and national regulations is paramount. It is vital that your products are extracted with the best possible methods, are rigorously tested for the safety of the consumer, and contain legal quantities of specific compounds in line with jurisdictions within your market. However, even if all these standards are met, it is equally important to understand the rigid rules of labeling your products to ensure your product is compliant AND desirable for the end user.

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon discuss everything you need to know about GMP labeling if you are a business to consumer extraction operation. There are a number of considerations that must be understood and implemented in your product labeling including the necessity to meet federal, state, and local regulations, legibility, per process labeling, correct representation of your product and much more. These standards explained by Dr. Jon and Randall are critical, not only to market a product that your customers will want to buy, but also to be certain that your products are legal and stay on the shelves. If you are a business in the hemp or botanical extraction industry creating products for the end user, this episode of extrakTALKS is a must for you.

LISTEN to this episode:

[00:00​] - Welcome
[02:00​] - This Weeks Giveaway Winner!
[03:20​] - Resources (
[05:35​] - Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Labeling
[06:31​] - Guide to Labeling Your Product
[07:07​] - Labeling: Why is it so confusing?
[10:16​] - What does GMP Mean?
[12:16​] - GMP Quality System Labeling Requirements
[13:06]​ - What happens if my label does not comply?
[14:37​] - What is Misbranding and Adulterated?
[16:44​] - What is Labeling?
[18:23​] - An Example of Requirements for Labeling
[21:15​] - Components of A Label
[21:33​] - Principle Display
[23:18​] - Identity Label
[24:00​] - Name and Place of Business
[26:26​] - Declaration of Ingredients
[29:48​] - Net Quantity of Contents
[30:24​] - Label Warnings
[31:34​] - Tamper-resistant Packaging
[32:47​] - What About All The Other Icons?
[37:35​] - Quick Overview of GMP Label Packaging
[38:55​] - Final Words

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