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Continuous Manufacturing Solutions

GMP • Fully Automated • Total Containment • Lower Labor Costs • Increase Yield:
Automated Extraction to Winterization: e-140/e-180, E2Di, Winterization Skid
Automated Extraction to Isolation: e-140/e-180, E2Di, clearSTILL-400, Isolation Skid
Automated Extraction to Chromatography: e-140/e-180, E2Di, clearSTILL-400, pure99-x

extraktLAB Solutions:

Continuous Solution Automation (EtoD System)

E2isolate Automation (Extraction to Isolate)

E2W Automation (Extraction to Winterization)

growLAB (End-to-End Aeroponics Solution)

CO2 Supply Solution

Color Remediation (carbonX & DrainDroyd)

Delta 8 Industrial Lab

Full Solution (Summary of all equipment)

Seed to Shelf Process (Manufacturing Graphic)

Water-Soluble Bulk Products


extraktLAB Equipment by Process:

Chromatography: pure99x, pure99z
CO2 Supply: CO2Cage, MPCART
Cold Trap Collection: terpTRAP
Extraction: e-110, e-140, e-180, M-2.5, M-120
Falling Film Evaporation: fracTron-100, fracTron-1000
High Speed Bucking: shuckNbuck
MES | Seed to Sale Software: igwLAB
Vacuum Filtration: DrainDroyd
Wiped Film Distillation: clearSTILL-200, clearSTILL-400

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