Is Delta 8 THC a Natural Product?

Where Does Delta 8 Come From and is it Natural?

Delta 8 has swept the industry in a short time given its legality despite being a psychoactive substance. Though it is less potent than some other psychoactive cannabinoids, it is still an open door for those outside of recreational states in search of similar effects without breaking the law.

Because of this, the demand for Delta 8 products is skyrocketing, creating a predictable response from producers to meet those demands, but there are many questions that are often unanswered.

Where does Delta 8 come from? Is it natural? How is it made? Where is it available? These are just a few of the many questions that have come forward as Delta 8 grows in popularity – unfortunately there has been little information to clarify the bevvy of questions from producers and consumers alike.

Though this may be the result of navigating through new territory, it nonetheless results in some frustration and confusion in what should be an exciting new market opportunity. In order to shed some light on some of these issues Dr. Jon explains where Delta 8 comes from, how it’s made, where it is available and more in this video.

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0:13 Where Does Delta8 THC Come From?
0:26 Is Delta 8 A Natural Product?
0:42 The Delta 8 Process
1:05 What Happens When You Use CBD Isolate To Make Delta 8?
1:54 What Happens When You Purify Delta 8 Too Much?