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Cannabinoid SFC System

Isolate Production

The Pure99 extraktLAB chromatography system was designed with the cannabis company in mind. This advanced system is an automated high-pressure supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) separations module for preparative chromatography. Preparative chromatography is used to separate complex mixtures into their pure components. The Pure99 can be used to:

  • Separate cannabinoids
  • Remove impurities in plant extracts
  • Separate select pesticides
  • Provide pure components
  • Create and enforce formulations and standards

Based on decades of chromatography engineering experience, we offer a versatile chromatography system that will allow you to develop separations methods for your mixture. The system may be used with many different types of eluents and column packings to help you achieve your desired separation. For separations of hundreds of kg per month, Pure99 systems are ideal for separations of major components of complex mixtures. Features include:

  • Versatile eluents
  • High speed with supercritical eluents
  • Unparalleled customer support
  • Custom development services
  • Green footprint


This system is automated to allow for continuous operation. Flow rates are highly reproducible allowing for exceptional reproducibility. Reliability of the instrument has been proven by consistent usage.

Product and Software

Chromatography Systems

The hardware package includes the following items:

-Pumps for eluent, cosolvent, cleaning, and sample
-Custom detectors (UV, MS)
-Customized feed and fraction collections
-High pressure columns and collectors

Chromatography Columns

The column package includes the following items:

-Up to 5000 psi
-3" diameter
-6" diameter
-Multiple column systems available
-Cartridge style exchange insures optimal column performance

Automation and Software

We offer fully automated systems that are run by both machine language and software. Software is CFR21 part 11 compliant and is fully configurable to run your methods, save data, and run reports.

Development Services and Customer Support

- Development services for your custom separation
- Help with selection of column material and eluents
- Analytical to preparative scale-up support
- Experts in separation science will help you enable your application