[Legal] Top 5 Success Factors for CBD Brand Leaders

The Top 5 Success Factors of CBD Brand Leaders continues! In our last episode, Dr. Jon and Randall Thompson began the discussion by talking about the first steps in the top five CBD brand leader success factors – planning and getting your investors involved early. Now, they continue on to discuss how to understand your regulatory path and how to choose the right business partners. These are crucial steps in making sure that you can follow the same success factors that the leading CBD brands in the world adhere to.

When you think of what a regulatory path might be, what comes to mind? If you imagine a path to follow that keeps your business within legal limitations, you might be on the right track. The laws surrounding the hemp and CBD businesses vary from state to state, and country to country. Following those guidelines can determine whether or not you become a profitable business and stay that way, or crash and burn due to mislabeled products, or other stipulations that are inadvertently disregarded. Dr. Jon and Randall clarify how to recognize and stay within the regulatory path in your business to ensure your success.

In the final Top 5 Success Factors of CBD Brand Leaders episode, Dr. Jon and Randall will discuss how to create your own advantageous niche in the market and how to optimize your digital marketing strategy so that you can shout your brand from the rooftops. Tune in to find out the best possible business practices you can utilize to create a successful business practice in the hemp and CBD market.

LISTEN to this episode:

[00:00​] – Welcome
[00:40​] – Giveaway winner
[02:20​] – Resources [www.extraktlab.com/resources]
[03:20​] – Top 5 Success Factors For CBD Brand Leaders: Legal
[05:20​] – #2 Understand the Regulatory Path
[09:00​] – CBD Crash Course: Legal Topline
[12:00​] – Anatomy of Oil & Product Quality
[15:23​] – What are leachables?
[17:15​] – Claim a Clinical Oil?
[20:37​] – Why CO2 Oils are Clinical Grade?
[22:22​] – 4 Labels that Show Your CBD is Pure and Safe
[24:02​] – Analytical Capabilities
[25:00​] – Hemp GMP Requirements
[26:34​] – Final Words
[27:19​] – Startup Assessment Quiz

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