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Cannabis Manufacturing Facility Design and Layout | extraktLAB
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Cannabis Manufacturing Facility Design and Layout

Facility Design Services

United Science specializes in the design of scalable cannabis manufacturing facilities since 2014. With dozens of facilities currently operating as designed, United Science deploys designs based on proven facility workflow, material flow, equipment placement, and scalability. The proven designs are based on United Science’s highly scalable and high throughput manufacturing process, which have a radical impact on:

  • Labor
  • Facility footprint at scale
  • Power requirements at scale

Whether you are building from scratch or retrofitting an existing building to meet your manufacturing and packaging needs, we have you and your team covered with expert advice.

Why Design Services?

The key reasons customers use our services are:

  • Reduction in change orders upon building.
  • Reduction in time to produce architectural and engineering plans.
  • Readily available information on cannabis manufacturing facilities layout and specifications for owners, stakeholders, and their teams.
  • Extensive cannabis manufacturing experience puts the design, manufacturing and process experts in direct communication with your architects and engineers to answer critical design questions.
  • Collaborative designs help reduce the options up front before full architectural and engineering plans are drafted.
  • Designs help get the fundamentals right on scale up, GMP considerations, and material and information flow.

What is Included?

Our Design and Equipment Layout Service enables progress of architectural and engineering documentation for your facility. The service includes all of the information that your architect needs to design a construction layout and information your engineers need to deliver on MEP plans for your facility. We offer several different levels of service including:

  • Scale Up Plan: Estimate manufacturing area and associated infrastructure that anticipates ramp up and growth based on forecast of the anticipated or existing product lines.
  • Cut sheets for all major equipment in manufacturing.
  • Equipment schedules.
  • Optimized work flow for your facility.
  • Safety and Hazard plans.
  • P&ID diagrams for process piping.
  • Identification of NFPA, and CGA requirements that impact your facility design.
  • GMP facilities requirements advisory.

It’s All About Scale Up

With our extensive knowledge on designing and engineering cannabis manufacturing facilities, we can help you build scale into your design. Using a simple approach to scale, we help identify the critical infrastructure needed to accommodate up to 2000 tons per year of processing capacity.

Product Offering

Includes room and equipment layout, exhaust locations and schedules, NFPA 55 and 30 summary requirements, equipment schedules and cut sheets, compressed air distribution, CO2 distribution, chilled fluid distribution P&ID, vacuum distribution P&ID, footprint , power and heat load estimations as applicable.

The plans include:

  • Customized to footprint desired.
  • Customized to optimize manufacturing flow.
  • Customized for scalability.
  • MIP kitchen and packaging facilities designs are sold separately.
  • Customized formulations facility.