Hemp Extraction Course

Learn everything necessary for successful hemp extraction.

This course details every necessary step in the hemp extraction process including pre-processing, extraction, winterization, solvent removal, distillation, chromatography, product formulation and every little detail in between.

You Will learn:

  • Proper pre-extraction inspection and testing of hemp biomass
  • Various extraction methods, solvents, and equipment in the industry
  • Efficient winterization and filtration practices
  • Advanced solvent removal methods, techniques and equipment
  • The latest distillation techniques and practices
  • Much, much more!

Course Details:

8 Video Lessons
8 Quizzes
Downloadable Content with each lesson
1 certificate of completion

Chapter 1 : Cannabis 101

This lesson will take you through the processing pipeline and answer all of your questions on cannabis. This lesson will detail lab testing, terpene collection, formulations, decarboxylating your biomass, lab testing, solvents, and the full cbd hemp production pipeline.

Chapter 2 : Extraction - Past, Present, and Future

This lesson will take you through the history of extraction. It will explain what extraction techniques were used in the past, the advancements of the techniques we use in the present, as well as innovations that are leading us into the future of hemp and cannabis extraction.

Chapter 3 : CO2 Extraction vs. Ethanol Extraction

This lesson provides a general overview of the cannabis industry's most popular extraction solvents: ethanol and CO2. It will detail the various factors that differentiate these two solvents and will highlight the benefits, and potential dangers that can be apparent with a particular solvent.

Chapter 4 : Advanced Solvent Removal

This lesson details the important step of solvent removal. No matter the solvent used, removing that solvent is critical to make a safe, quality hemp or cannabis product. This lesson will discuss how solvent removal works, the various equipment used as a standard, and bottleneck solutions through advanced methods and equipment.

Chapter 5 : All Things Distillation

This lesson will discuss the ins and outs of the distillation process. It will detail this complicated, but crucial step in hemp and cannabis extraction including how distillation works, why it’s important to create a quality product, and the technology used to accomplish proper distillation.

Chapter 6 : Chromatography Explained

This lesson will discuss the ins and outs of chromatography in the hemp and cannabis extraction industry. This important final step of hemp and cannabis extraction is critical for properly formulating products in terms of legality, purity and consumer preference.

Chapter 7 : Advanced Testing

This lesson will explain analytical testing in the hemp and cannabis industry. It will detail why you should test for contaminants, where you should be testing, and how you should be testing. It will also include the ins and outs of HPLC testing, the use of third-party tests to look for unknown contaminants, and how not testing can negatively affect business.

Chapter 8 : Bottlenecks Solved

This lesson will describe all the potential bottlenecks that hemp and cannabis processors may face and how the igwLAB has the potential to solve these issues. From the first steps of receiving biomass down to distillation and product formulation, bottlenecks are no more with this extraktLAB solution.


Founder & CEO, Dr. Jon Thompson

Dr. Thompson is a separations scientist, entrepreneur, and inventor with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, Master of Science degree in Chemistry and a Doctor of Chemistry degree from the University of Minnesota. During his cannabis industry career,  Dr. Thompson has assisted numerous companies to attain their goals in cannabis and hemp manufacturing, as well as market development, strategic marketing, and worldwide business-to-business alliance formation.

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