Delta 8 Consumables Package

The science and process to make Delta 8 products from a hemp extract is easy to learn and easy to execute. Ask for a solution expert to help you understand more on the process of Delta 8 and its products.

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How to use our consumables to make Delta 8 products

The process to make Delta 8 products from a hemp extract is easy to learn and easy to execute with the right information like extraktLAB’s course, the right equipment and our consumable kits. This process does require quality hemp derived isolate that has a CBD content greater than 95%. Once you have the equipment, methods and consumables the process to make Delta 8 is as follows:

  1. Isolate is mixed with an organic solvent and applied to heat.
  2. The catalyst is added while stirring.
  3. After heating and stirring for about an hour, the solution will turn a dark amber color and become very viscous.
  4. The solution is left to cool and is poured into a separatory funnel containing a washing solution.
  5. The solution is washed repeatedly with water, salt solution and neutralizer.
  6. The solvent is removed from the oil by boiling or using a rotovap.
  7. The oil is improved in appearance and quality with a short path (wiped film or glass ware) distillation apparatus.

This process will produce Delta 8 oils with approximately 80-85% potency. The oil is then remediated to remove any excess Delta 9 cannabinoids or is diluted to keep the Delta 9 below 0.3%.


What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol is found in small quantities in the hemp plant that is psychoactive. This form of cannabinoid is different from Delta 9 in that it is much less potent and has to be converted from other cannabinoids rather than extracted. In order to do this, a salt, catalyst and neutralizer are necessary for the conversion process – all of which are included in the Delta 8 Consumables package.

Delta 8 Process Infographic

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