No Winterization, No Ethanol, No Kidding!

NO Ethanol • NO Winterization
Better Yield
Reduced Cycle Time • Reduced Labor Costs

What is a Continuous Solution & Why Should I Care?

This continuous solution makes the extraction through distillation process more hands-off and automated than ever before. By connecting one of our CO2 extractors, our unique interface, and our customized dual-stage wiped film distillation unit, you are able to run from extraction to distillate without removing oils or extracts from the system. This eliminates the need for ethanol, eliminates winterization, lowers labor costs, and removes multiple touch points!

The continuous flow solution is automated and fully contained – this means there is also less contamination risk, less human error, and a reduced cycle time – all with a better yield, high recovery of cannabinoids, and reduced overhead.

Automation provides less variations, decreases labor, reduces downtime and increases your yield.

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Steps Needed for Traditional Extraction

traditional steps extraction to distillation

#1 Extraction

Low cost and clean CO2 extraction to get crude oil.

#2 Winterization

Crude oil from extraction needs to be winterized to separate fats, waxes & oils. This process involves food grade ethanol.

#3 Filtration

Filter out the separated fats and waxes with a DrainDroyd or buchner funnel.

#4 Evaporation

The ethanol used for winterization is removed through evaporation.

#5 Distillation

Oil needs to be distilled to remove impurities and get your distillate oil.

plus 3+ Testing Points

This process has at least 3 testing points as well as multiple touch points to move the product from machine to machine. It works very well… but it can be better.

Steps Needed for the Continuous Solution

continuous solution automation

Step #1 – Extraction Through Distillation:
Extract your biomass using clean, inexpensive and organic CO2 to get your crude oil. Distill the oil using our dual-stage wiped film evaporator to double throughput and labor over any single stage equipment.

Get more info on the Extraction through Distillation Automation.

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