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Botanical Extraction Facility Consulting | Planning to Production | extraktLAB
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Botanical Extraction Facility Consulting

At extraktLAB, we will walk with you through the entire plant extraction process from planning to production. Together with our supercritical CO2 equipment, our extraction facilities design experts will help you create the finest botanical oil extracts possible.  To learn more, about facilities design, click here.

Facility Design and Layout


  • comprehensive consulting from electrical requirements to workflow
  • budgeting, peripheral equipment list, and production planning
  • development of on-site quality control/quality assurance programs

Start-Up Packages


Our unique start-up package delivers enormous value. We will help you get your business’s plant extraction process in motion and get you on the market fast, paving the way for more profits and higher returns on your investment. Using a combination of our supercritical CO2 equipment and our staff of chemists and engineers, we will:


  • Create a plan that scales the process to your machinery and business objectives
  • Provide a detailed list of ancillary equipment and associated processes
  • Develop a workflow plan that incorporates best practices and quality assurance
  • Train your team on pre and post-extraction techniques
  • Use analytical chemistry to demonstrate cannabinoid recovery
  • Teach your team the basics of in-process analytical testing


Special Product Formulations


  • isolate production
  • pesticide remediation
  • psychoactive / non-pyschoactive ratio control
  • terpene profiling
  • re-blending terpenes
  • flavor additives
  • creating products for vapors, tinctures, capsules, and vials


Manufacturing Consulting


  • SOPs and instructions to meet ISO and GLP/GMP equivalents
  • in-process quality control and quality assurance practices
  • implementation of fill and packaging lines