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Cannabis Facility Commissioning | Exclusive Packages | extraktLAB
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Cannabis Facility Commissioning

Commissioning / Start-Up (CSU) Package

To ensure a successful launch of a manufacturing facility, fitting all the pieces together is essential. The extraktLAB Commissioning Package provides work instruction, training, and method validation to help our customers and their facilities reach their fullest potential. Our Commissioning Package includes critical guidance and education on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Grinding
  • Decarboxylation
  • Extraction
  • Dewaxing
  • Solvent removal
  • Quality Control Testing
  • Quality System Documentation

Our Commissioning Package enables extraktLAB customers to ensure that they, their employees, and their technicians are competently trained on best-practices for all phases of the manufacturing process. To learn more about this package, feel free to contact us.