Wiped Film Evaporator | Two Passes; One Continuous Cycle
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The clearSTILL offers the following advantages:

  • Continuous 2-stage Distillation
  • 4-6 L/hour Capacity
  • Reduced labor and cleaning downtime
  • GMC Compliant

clearSTILL extended features:


  • Dual stills with continuous process flow
  • 2-stage distillation @ 4-6L/hour
  • Double the volume of single stage systmes
  • Half the labor of single-stage systems
  • Oil-free pumps eliminate oil changes and leaks
  • Integrated cold-finger cleaner


  • Containment between stages eliminates contamination risk
  • Programmable methods with user authentication
  • Complete hardware control
  • Mass flow tracking of yields
  • Data visualization and alarms
  • WIFI enabled monitoring and control


  • Lot, calibration and maintenance tracking
  • Barcode-enabled paper and electronic trail
  • Continuous containment between stages
  • Certified wetted materials
  • Easy clean-in-place capabilities
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software


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Wiped Film Evaporator Video - How clearSTILL Works

What is clearSTILL?

clearSTILL is a two-stage wiped film distillation machine that performs two independent distillation passes in a single contained cycle. The output can be used fto manufacture any product category. It supports throughput capacity of 4-6L per hour while doubling throughput and labor efficiency over single-pass machines. clearSTILL provides the best solution for opening the production bottleneck created by conventional wiped film distillation machines while lowering labor costs.

Programmable methods enable automated GMP process control with reporting, and GMP certified stainless-steel materials support global market requirements.

Does clearSTILL Come With Training?

  • Included in purchase price

  • On-site 16 hrs including installation 

  • Optional training at demo location

  • Training documentation/curriculum (online) for yearly training or new trainees

  • Additional on site training available 

In What Application Contexts Can clearSTILL Be Used?

  • Solvent recycling and recovery

  • Petroleum distillation, biodiesel distillation, crude oil distillation

  • Solvent purification

  • Botanical oil distillation

  • Essential oil distillation

What Are The Advantages of clearSTILL Over Competitor Products?

  • Continuous operation between stills eliminates contamination

  • Dual still allows continuous passes

  • No maintenance roughing pump eliminates need to tear down frequently

  • Finger cleaner eliminates need to disassemble between lots

  • Controlled methods allows data, run, method integrity required by GMP operation

  • Data logging for mass flow, vacuum allows method troubleshooting

  • Manual bypass for turbo

  • Dual turbo gives flexibility



General Specifications  
Dimensions L 103" x W 44" x H 72"
Shipping Weight 3500
Sound Pressure <60 db
Electrical Specifications  
Voltage 208-240 volt
Frequency 60 Hz
FLA 80 amps
Phase 3
Certifications UL 508A Listed
E-stop; Thermal Switches Standard
Feed Pumps 1
Condensate Pumps 2
Retentate Pumps 2
Feed Rate up to 50 kg/hr
Control Interface  
Control Interface HMI panel
Network Connectivity Cat5e
Process Integration igwLAB compatible
Data Logging On screen
Mass Flow Monitors Ultrasonic, mass
Alarms Audio, Visual
Installation and Training  
Included training & install 2 days
Quality and Labor Parts & workmanship
Duration  3 years
Distillation Vessels 2
Diameter 6"
Heating Jacket All tubes, pumps
Power (kW) 9
Heating Range 38 – 260° C
Surface Area (cm2) 1819
Vacuum System  
Wiped Film Pressure (torr)  0.1
Short Path Pressure (torr) 0.001
Roughing Vacuum Pumps 2
Type Oil-Free
Turbo Vacuum Pumps 2
Diffusion Pump Optional
Number of Condensers 2
Condenser Surface Area (cm2) 606
Cold Finger Yes, Inline
Cold Finger Surface Area (cm2) 577
Cooling Range -15 - -1° C
Chiller Fluid 35/65 glycol/water
Cooling Capacity (1) 0.45kW at -35oC, 
  (2) 0.5kW at 30oC
Feed Vessel  
Collection Vessel Volume 7L
Metals SS316
Speciality Polymers Buna-N

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