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Get Your Chromatography Guide

There are several well-known types of chromatography, this Simply Chromatography Guide will guide you through the basics.

Why use Chromatography?

  • It’s a very effective method for testing extracts for purity.
  • It’s a very effective method for testing extracts for safety.
  • It’s a very reliable way to test for pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, or other unknown substances in your extracts.

Why Use Chromatography to Test?

Advanced extraction

It is commonly known pesticides are not beneficial for humans or pets – this includes extracts used to manufacture end products. Chromatography allows you to confirm there are no pesticides in your extract.

Advanced extraction

Have you ever considered the possibility of residual solvents in your extracts or the products you use each day? Chromatography allows you to test to make sure there are no residual solvents in your end products.

Advanced extraction

It’s possible the products you use daily have trace amounts of heavy metals. Those trace amounts add up, make sure your extracts have no heavy metals in them by testing with chromatography.

Advanced extraction

Unknown contaminants can only be identified if they’re specifically tested for. By using chromatography, they can be filtered out of your extract – providing a purer & safer product – an extract with no unknown contaminants.

What is Chromatography?

Simply: Chromatography is used to separate the compound of a solution into its individual components.

This separation process can be completed in a variety of ways, depending upon the purpose of your extraction. Because there are several well-known types of chromatography, and choosing the right method for you BEFORE setting up your facility is invaluable.

Set yourself up for success by knowing which process you want to follow after your chromatography steps: you will need to dilute, significantly dilute, selectively remove compounds for specific formulations & desired concentrations, or have overall degradation in your future.