Late Model Reliability of extraktLAB

We have noticed many extraction equipment companies coming out of the woodwork lately. Some have attempted to knock off our designs - and for good reason. The extraktLAB® supercritical CO2 extraction equipment… Read More »

02 Jul 2018
What Is the Best Botanical Extraction Method?

What is the best method for botanical extraction? Even though the cheapest and most popular method for botanical oil extraction continues to be hydrocarbon (volatile) in nature, the technological advances… Read More »

18 Jun 2018
Networking at After Parties: CWCBExpo in New York City (2018)

New York City — Is the success of a trade show determined solely by the number of leads it generates for attendees and exhibitors alike? It’s easy to lose sight of the importance of networking and brand… Read More »

19 Mar 2018
Expo Interview from CannaCon 2018 in Seattle, WA

Check out extraktLAB's interview from CannaCon 2018 in Seattle, WA! We had a great time networking with all of the other exhibitors and making some new friends. Much love to all of the expo goers who stopped… Read More »

Eliminate Filtration Bottlenecks with the DrainDroyd

Are Büchner funnels causing filtration bottlenecks in your oil extraction post process and costing you time and money? Eliminate them with a DrainDroyd filtration unit! Filtration Bottlenecks If you… Read More »

06 Jun 2017
CO2 Extraction Cylinder Supply Bundles for High Pressure Delivery

Tired of wrestling with your CO2 tanks? Put them in our CO2Cage! Fire inspectors love extraktLAB's CO2Cage as it bundles sixteen 100lbs DOT-approved gas/liquid cylinders into one manifolded steel cage. A… Read More »

02 May 2017
How to Remove Dark Color from Ethanol Extracts

Ethanol Produces Dark Extracts One of our potential customers recently asked us how to remove dark color from their extracts. They were getting dark extracts and were wondering about their options to… Read More »

02 May 2017
High Throughput Hemp Processing - Mobile or Stationary

Hemp Oil Processing The hemp oil market has burgeoned recently in the US and has found itself competing with traditional indoor grows for CBD production. Mobile and stationary oil production facilities… Read More »

01 May 2017
A Comparison of Hemp Oil Refinement Methods

The Market for Hemp and Cannabis Extracts Continues to Grow The market fundamentals for the hemp and cannabis industry are spectacular. The Brightfield Group, a leading industry analyst organization,… Read More »

01 May 2017
Pure Cannabis Terpenes for Flavor and Aroma

What Are Terpenes? Terpenes are the aromatic oils secreted by the cannabis plant’s trichome glands. Over 100 different terpenes have been identified, each with its own distinct smell and taste. Terpenes… Read More »

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