23 May 2019
Operating Costs of Starting a Cannabis Extraction Business

Thinking of starting an extraction business? You’re not alone. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp production, the extraction industry has seen a boom in the last six months. There’s… Read More »

26 Mar 2019
Behind-the-Scenes of Cannabis Extraction

The cannabis industry moves fast and the ever-changing science of cannabis extraction is no different. Scientific innovations from experienced companies are starting to leave their mark and people are… Read More »

DrainDroyd Eliminates Bottlenecks in Hemp Oil Filtration

MARCH 19, 2019-OSCEOLA, WI - extraktLAB shared recent honors from the cannabis industry as their DrainDroyd filtration unit was featured in Marijuana Business Magazine’s “10 Killer Technologies” cover… Read More »

14 Mar 2019
High Quality, High Capacity CBD Extraction Machinery

Here’s a look behind the high-quality CBD extraction machinery that was a focal point in last week’s popular blog article, “One Ton Per Day Hemp Extraction Facility.” As seen in WSPA 7News’ video, “Inside… Read More »

08 Mar 2019
One Ton Per Day Hemp Extraction Facility

Given our popular post, “One Ton Per Day Cannabis Extraction Facility,” we wanted to follow up with a recent extraktLAB® customer, SC Botanicals, and showcase their gratitude for our equipment in their… Read More »

01 Feb 2019
Extract THC Oil from Cannabis with Supercritical CO2

In today’s hot cannabis market, growers need to be smart about their approach to extracting THC oil from their harvest. With so many product types and extraction methods, ROI can be impacted, even for… Read More »

06 Dec 2018
CO2 vs. Ethanol Extraction: Safety Concerns

Op-Ed by Cole Holstrom, Senior Technical Advisor I see it all the time. Investors are understandably focused on the return on investment with their cannabis and hemp extraction equipment. I watch them… Read More »

30 Nov 2018
New extract trends - are they initially worth it?

New extract trends in the cannabis industry are bound to crop up from time to time, and yet they’re still just a dime a dozen. New products often require years of research and development (R&D), in addition… Read More »

20 Nov 2018
Elect to know the truth about CO2 vs. ethanol extraction

People vote with their money in this industry, so it’s time to check the results of CO2 vs. ethanol extraction. Sometimes it’s best to say what’s left unsaid, especially when it means better business results.… Read More »

04 Sep 2018
What To Consider When Buying A CO2 Extractor

When I first meet someone considering a CO2 extractor, they are often overwhelmed. There are so many parameters and options to consider that meaningful comparisons can seem impossible. For example, your… Read More »

Winterization in 30 Seconds! No Problem

Want to know how to winterize tens of kilograms of crude oil with essentially zero cycle time on the process? Read on to learn about First In First Out (FIFO) manufacturing lanes and how they are used… Read More »

How to Extract One Ton per Day

How much space does 1-ton of biomass occupy? Answer: the volume depends on a couple key factors including size of the trim or grind, the water content of the trim, and how it is packaged. Suppliers usually… Read More »

26 Aug 2018
The Costs of Large-Scale Ethanol Extraction

So, you are looking for a manufacturing facility that will enable you to extract thousands of acres of hemp or other plant material? What easier way than with ethanol? You get some food-grade ethanol,… Read More »

Late Model Reliability of extraktLAB

We have noticed many extraction equipment companies coming out of the woodwork lately. Some have attempted to knock off our designs - and for good reason. The extraktLAB® supercritical CO2 extraction equipment… Read More »

02 Jul 2018
What Is the Best Botanical Extraction Method?

What is the best method for botanical extraction? Even though the cheapest and most popular method for botanical oil extraction continues to be hydrocarbon (volatile) in nature, the technological advances… Read More »

28 Apr 2017
How to Extract Cannabis Oils from Trim

What Is Cannabis Trim? Trim refers to the trichome-rich outer leaves that encompass the cannabis flower (or “bud”). The overall cannabinoid content of these leaves can range from 10-15%, and high-grade… Read More »

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