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Botanical Oil Extraction | Educational Video Library | extraktLAB
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Video Library: Botanical Oil Extraction

Quick Walkthrough of a 1-Ton Per Day Botanical Extraction Facility!

ExtraktLAB is the premier provider of supercritical CO2 botanical extraction equipment and full solution processing facilities. Our standard products include the 1-ton per day extraction facility, supercritical CO2 extractors, ethanol filtration units and turnkey extraction facility design. You can learn more about our product line here.

Start or Scale Up

Whether you’re looking at starting up an extraction facility or are scaling up an existing operation extraktLAB has got your back! Be sure to ask us about our extraction technology that GreenRushDaily called, “some of the fastest processing on the market.” Fill out a contact form or call us for information about how we can help you optimize your processing operation!