What Investors NEED To Know About Extraction Sustainability

Dr. Jon and Jared discuss the sustainability of extraction facilities in relation to the extraction solvent used.

LISTEN to this episode:

0:00 Introduction
1:30 “Weed’s Next Big Problem is the Wrong Type of Green”
4:20 Potential emissions from hemp extraction operations
7:37 Key sustainability factors for hemp extractors and processors
8:26 Pros and cons of sustainability with ethanol extraction
9:08 Benefits of CO2 for sustainability
10:10 How is CO2 made?
12:59 Why CO2 is a green solvent
14:04 Low energy extraction with CO2
15:07 CO2 sustainability pros and cons
18:28 Ethanol vs CO2 pros and cons
20:00 Which extraction method is most sustainable?
22:55 Costs of CO2 vs ethanol
28:35 Final thoughts

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