Ultimate List of Hemp Strains

What is the ultimate list of hemp strains? Believe it or not, not all hemp plants are created equal. Varying hemp strains can determine the formulation, effects and quality of a CBD extract. The reasons for this are plenty – varying levels of CBD content, terpenes located in the hemp strain, overall grow quality of a particular hemp strain – these are all factors in creating a particular hemp derived product.

What’s more, a particular hemp strain can also determine the legality of a hemp product. Different hemp strains tend to have varying levels of THC – still federally illegal in the United States. If a hemp strain is grown that tends to have a higher level of THC, it can lead to a “hot crop.” This means that a test of a hemp grow can be tested and will have to be legally destroyed if THC levels are above .03%. Similar to this, other hemp strains can be grown to contain higher levels of CBG, CBN, and various terpenes to determine a unique hemp product.

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon and Randall discuss the ultimate list of hemp strains. This episode will cover listener submitted survey questions on what strains farmers prefer to grow, which strains have the best flavor, aroma, and cannabinoid content, what they do to ensure the best grow possible and more.

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[00:00] – Welcome
[10:18] – What do you look for in a hemp strain?
[18:57] – Current favorite varieties.
[21:24] – Current favorite types of terpenes from hemp.
[24:48] – Biggest issue faced with hemp varieties in the past.
[28:48] – Talk through of display, from seed to flower
[35:45] – What are trichomes?
[36:36] – How to correctly pack a pipe.
[38:30] – FAQs
[42:07] – Different parts of the plant?
[48:25] – Why do you want to have different strains?
[48:48] – Difference between a hemp strain & and a CBD strain?
[51:48] – Final Words

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