Top Factors for Sustainability #2

Dr. Jon go in depth for the three main factors you need to have a successful and sustainable business. This is a continuation of our previous episode ( Listen in for more in-depth information regarding clean and green operating practices, processor’s impact on the planet, and sustainable operating procedures. In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon discuss implementing increased sustainability in your business. Do you know how much energy is used in ethanol extraction versus CO2?

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4:54 Introduction
8:59 Factors for a sustainable operation
9:34 The carbon footprint of the cannabis industry
11:40 CO2 emissions from cannabis cultivation
13:15 Sources if CO2 emissions
13:40 Variables impacting carbon footprint
13:42 Five sustainability factors for processors
15:09 Extraction type
17:05 Ethanol Extraction
17:40 Amount of ethanol necessary for extraction
18:53 Amount of BTUs needed for one gallon of ethanol
20:50 Energy needed to make ethanol
21:52 Other environmental concerns
22:57 Energetics of ethanol solvent reuse
25:54 Solvent loss to biomass
28:38 Ethanol extraction pros and cons
31:30 Benefits of CO2
32:47 How is CO2 made?
35:07 Is CO2 a green solvent?
38:05 Energetics of CO2 extraction
40:26 CO2 extraction pros and cons
41:30 Why green operations are more profitable
43:52 Summary

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