Start Up Secrets Revealed

Startups need to know the ins and outs of their business.  Are you able to answer these key questions.

  • Why should investors invest in you?
  • You need to articulate what you are doing? and why are you doing it?
  • In order to get investors, you need to be the expert and know your numbers.

Give your investor and customer what they need:

  1. Educate: Need to know the process details, costs, risks, formulas, recipes, documentation, quality
  2. Reduce: Reduce confusion over conflicting information form vendors
  3. Clarify: Clarify recommendations from consultants
  4. Cost: obtain highest value at lowest cost
  5. Quality: Have equipment produce the highest quality and flexible oil options
  6. Compliance: Help navigating compliancy
  7. Experience: Need someone with experience to put it all together

Keep the company management and ownership small.

Know your 3 year picture of where you want the company to go. Fill out the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to get the bigger picture.

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[00:00] – Welcome
[03:55] – Begin with the end in mind
[04:45] – Keep it small
[07:00] – Educate
[07:20] – Resources
[07:57] – Reduce
[08:56] – Meet Customers Needs
[11:21] – What all companies struggle with
[11:40] – Define your Core values
[14:14] – What’s your niche?
[15:35] – Have a vision for the future
[16:51] – What is your market strategy
[18:42] – Why do we win?
[21:40] – What’s the bigger picture?
[22:45] – Entrepreneurial Operating System
[23:27] – What is your company’s pledge?
[24:12] – Market Approach
[24:46] – What is your product available market?
[25:35] – Process, Process, Process
[28:00] – Define The Big Rocks
[30:00] – We need your feedback!

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