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From farming the perfect hemp plant all the way to final product formulation, there are important considerations for any processor to consider from seed to sale. This includes every step of the extraction process including grinding, decarboxylation, terpene collection, extraction, winterization and filtration, solvent removal, distillation, isolation and product creation. As a matter of fact, seed to sale includes pre-extraction processes and post-sale information as well. All of this information is vital when considering your own extraction business whether you’re in the hemp or botanical industry.

Whether you are a farmer, grower, investor, or processor, it is important to recognize each step inside of the botanical extraction industry. That being said, it’s not always easy to find accurate information on the entire process. The good news is that is not the case for you today. In this episode of extraktTALKS, Dr. Jon discuss the entirety of the seed to sale process. All of the above mentioned extraction processes will be discussed along with other vital profitable information you need to know in order to run a successful extraction operation. Whether you are an established extractor with years of experience, or a startup hoping to create a profitable business, Dr. Jon and Randall have valuable insights into your potential production from seed to sale.

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Time Stamps:

[00:00] – Welcome!

[03:09] – Dr. Jon recap of previous episode

[03:58] – cleaning record example via paper

[04:12] – value of paperless cleaning record example

[05:10] – intro of igwLAB, a paperless MES for Hemp & botanical companies

[06:49] – MES value [07:23] – Quality Management System

[09:20] – LIM System integration value

[10:24] – walk-thru of Decarboxylation igwLAB station

[37:44] – SOPs

[44:00] – COA & receipt examples

[57:41] – Barcode printing

[58:13] – Configurable process parameter settings by station

[62:15] ‚Äď quick rundown of features not covered

[65:40] – Final words

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