How to recognize a sustainable hemp product?

On average, it is estimated that producing one 1/8th of indoor flower adds 41 pounds of CO‚āā into the atmosphere. You wouldn’t believe how much more it takes to make an ethanol extracted vape pen or tincture. To keep moving the Industry forward we need to rethink the approach to every aspect of production. Currently the focus seems to be cultivation and packaging. But much of the carbon footprint can be traced to production. Find out exactly how much it takes to produce a single vape cartridge and see how production has a massive impact on the environment. And how as a consumer you can demand better and as a producer show that you also care about the environment.

LISTEN to this episode:

0:00 Introduction
4:30 What are sustainable operations?
7:58 Notes from MJBIZ Finance
10:23 Biggest investment challenges for sustainable progress
10:37 Social equity and ESG
10:56 Most sustainable extraction method
14:00 Amount of CO2 emissions from each extraction method
14:50 Extraction solvent types
16:15 Ethanol extraction in detail
18:00 Amount of ethanol needed for extraction
21:55 Article from the Cornell Chronicle on Ethanol
22:40 GHG emissions from ethanol production
23:25 Energetics of heating and cooling ethanol in extraction
22:50 Pollutant emissions from unrecovered ethanol
28:40 Spent solvents must be labeled as hazardous waste
31:16 Remaining solvents in biomass emits volatile organic compounds
32:30 Pros and cons of ethanol extraction sustainability
34:45 Why CO2 is a safer alternative to ethanol

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