No Holds Barred Q&A

This episode has Dr. Jon answering questions regarding farming, growing, processing, testing, and building a successful hemp extraction and processing business.

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00:00 – No Holds Barred Live Q&A
01:07 – Difference between Ethanol vs. CO2?
02:40 – Supercritical CO2
03:55 – What are we doing?
04:35 – Hemp seed oil as CBD oil?
06:57 – Corn ethanol vs. corn developed ethanol vs. ethanol?
07:25 – Different grades of ethanol
08:31 – Heptane or hextane left over
09:53 – Detecting acetone, IPA, methanol
10:27 – Bubbles vs. Denatured ethanol?
11:29 – Vanilla extract…just a food grade?
12:09 – GMP Certification
14:44 – UGMP-Compliant
16:04 – Manage and monitor
17:26 – Ethanol being pulsed into CO2?
17:59 – Reproofing and re-validation
19:33 – Ethanol cause off-flavoring?
20:24 – Removing terpenes at an early level
20:48 – Full spectrum
22:19 – Flavor comes from the aroma?
22:47 – Consumer benefits of terpenes
24:32 – Isolate vs. distillate/reintroducing terpenes at what level?
25:36 – Over analyzing the cannabis plant?
26:35 – pure99
27:31 – Losing the entourage effect?
28:26 – Dialing your own formula
28:58 – What’s the secret to getting large amounts?
29:41 – Best place to remove the terpenes?
31:06 – Any other cannabinoids…commercially viable?
32:37 – CBE & CBN
33:40 – How much oil from five tons?
35:57 – Sticks, lots of sticks
37:40 – Where are we selling that much oil?
39:04 – You have to have control
41:41 – Dry state decarb before CO2 extraction?

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