Making a Decision Between Manufacturers

There are many factors to consider when making a business decision between one manufacturer and another. In this video Dr. Jon Thompson go over the criteria they believe you need to make that choice effectively. They will break it down to the essentials and leave you with the questions you need to have a profitable and efficient business.

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Time Stamps:

[00:00] – Making a Decision Between One Manufacturer and Another

[02:38] – What is the most important point to consider?

[03:22] – You should work with someone who understands the process

[06:41] – Things to consider when you first start out

[08:03] – Cost and the costs of operations has to be a major factor

[10:12] – Operations parts, Maintenance, and Technician availability

[14:19] – Scalable footprint size of extraction machinery

[16:36] – Redundancy in manufacturing

[17:41] – Common Question: “Co2 is a lot of labor?”

[19:08] – Sustainability of operations during manufacture

[23:37] – Ease of use of extraction machinery

[25:29] – Who you want to operate and the need for cleanliness in the process

[28:22] – Another characteristic of a quality operator

[30:10] – We will help you find what’s right for you

[32:43] – People have come along way in the extraction industry

[35:14] – CBD Jam Session

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