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:00 Introduction
5:55 extraktLAB resources
6:50 igwLAB eliminates the paper trail
9:25 igwLAB IOT system
14:27 igwLAB placement in the extraction process
16:18 What is igwLAB?
19:53 Tracking events and data with igwLAB’s MES system
21:56 Thirteen production modules
25:16 Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
28:22 Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
29:32 Quality Management System (QMS)
30:24 Batch Records
32:09 Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP/MRP)
33:52 igwLAB Dashboards
34:07 Lot progress reporting
35:02 Lot location reporting
35:27 Yield reporting
37:00 Special reporting
37:17 Contact extraktLAB

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