How To Create A Financial Model

When you are planning to build a startup in the extraction industry, understanding your finances inside and out is essential. Mapping out the plans for your business in terms of your uniqueness in the industry and capitalizing on those specialties can mean a financially successful operation before you even hit the ground, but without a financial model to guide you along the way, you can get lost very quickly.


This is why building a financial model is vital in terms of building your startup and appealing to potential investors as you grow your business. In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon discusses how to create a financial model in the extraction industry. This episode goes into detail about the basic elements of building a business plan, creating an investor pitch presentation, determining what makes you unique in the industry and capitalizing on it and much more.  Listen in to understand the real benefits of creating a business plan and using it to be more successful as you build your business.

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[00:00] – Introduction to Financial Model
[01:50] – Free resources
[04:30] – Three Uniques about your company
[05:46] – Basic Elements to a business plan
[06:59] – Steps To Create A Financial Model
[08:35] – Select the products to produce
[09:42] – Create Unit Demand For each of those products
[11:40] – Set Price for each unit
[14:24] – Estimate Cost of Goods
[14:50] – Estimate Headcount
[15:26] – Estimate Sales & General Administration expenses (SGA)
[16:04] – Example of Financial Model
[22:00] – Headcount Plan
[23:20] – SGA Expenses
[25:30] – EBITDA
[29:06] – Capital Equipment Plan
[30:32] – Balance Sheet
[32:50] – How long to receive payment
[35:23] – Cash Flow Statement
[38:07] – Charts to show investors
[40:20] – Dr. Jon’s Writing Formula
[43:55] – Use a proven outline
[45:52] – Online vs Retail Channel
[48:00] – The true benefit of the business plan

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