Hemp Legal 101 | Legality of Industrial Hemp and CBD

Dr. Jon sits down to discuss all you need to need to know legally on owning a CBD Business. Whether you are a farmer, grower, processor, or investor, here is valuable information on navigating the legal seascape and how to prevent legal losses.

LISTEN to this episode:

(00:00) Introductions
(06:38) Cannabis Legal
(06:58) What has happened since the 2014 farm bill passed?
(09:14) 2018 Farm Bill passed
(11:24) Farmer biomass process for the market?
(13:00) Delta Nine THC Vs Acid form THC
(14:33) Legal Disclaimer
(15:00) Regulations from USDA
(16:00) What happens when the crop goes hot?
(17:53) Whats a farmer to do?
(21:24) Processors and crossing state lines?
(24:00) What if I have a hot crop?
(24:57) Word on Testing
(26:11) State of Illinois what can we do about waste?
(30:21) Are there hidden landmines in a Certificate of Analysis (COA)?
(31:15) Compliant label for transportation?
(33:43) Contracts, Contracts, Contracts
(36:34) Key things you need to have in contract?
(41:33) Top three points
(42:05) Shipping Terms
(42:36) What level are you indemnified?
(43:07) In process materials
(46:00) Dilution is the solution to Pollution
(47:56) Cannot codify business expectations of your customers
(49:59) Industrial Program North Dakota
(50:29) Manage expectations
(51:21) Main points on labeling
(53:21) The rabbit hole, Investigational New Drug (IND) and grass
(55:41) Customer review claims
(58:52) Summary on labeling
(1:00:38) Words on Certificate of Analysis (COA)
(1:04:17) Social Network
(1:04:43) Next Episode Intro
(1:06:15) CBD Jam Session

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