Foundations For Success #2

The simple fact is that the extraction industry for both hemp and cannabis markets is an incredibly competitive arena. Without the proper knowledge and resources, it can be all too easy to slip beneath the waves and crash before your success can take off. extraktLAB has successfully put hundreds into the business of extraction and has maintained success throughout the rising competitiveness in the industry. In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon follow up from their previous discussion on the Foundations for Success they have implemented in extraktLAB that has provided sustainability and profitability for years to come. Listen in as they discuss how to reduce operating costs, remaining profitable in competitive markets, GMP compliance and more.

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[00:00] – Foundations For Success Part 02
[01:08] – Foundations For Success Part 01
[02:17] – Lowering Cost Offerings
[02:58] – extraktLAB Calculators
[03:11] – Most Sustainable Method CO2 Extraction vs Ethanol Extraction
[10:11] – We Build Consistency Into The Equipment
[12:37] – Largest Range of Output Oils From The Process
[15:30] – Why A Turnkey System Solution Is So Great?
[19:40] – Turnkey: Facility Design Package
[21:56] – Turnkey Smart Packages
[23:50] – Turnkey Smart Scalability
[24:40] – Turnkey: Run Your Plant
[27:35] – GMP Certifications and Audit
[28:40] – GMP Training Program
[28:52] – GMP Equipment

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