extraktlab Foundations For Success: Part [01/02]

Foundations For Success: Creating a successful business in the booming hemp and cannabis extraction industry is no simple task. There are a plethora of variables that need to be considered in order to ensure your operations are safe, efficient and profitable. Above all, you need to know and provide value to your customer in forms of education, cost, experience and more. Without this firmly established, along with other critical factors, it may be incredibly difficult to be certain of a successful business. In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon lays out his foundations for success. extraktLAB has put hundreds of successful operations in the business of hemp or cannabis extraction and have a wealth of knowledge to share. This episode will dive into the success factors that Dr. Jon has implemented to make extraktLAB an industry leader in this incredible industry.

[00:00] – Foundations For Success
[03:00] – Free Resources – extraktlab.com/resources
[03:23] – Help Customers Meet Their Needs
[03:50] – Educate On The Process
[04:20] – Reduce Confusion
[05:32] – Clarify Consultants
[07:00] – Cost of Running
[07:42] – Quality of Equipment
[08:56] – GMP Compliance of Business
[10:00] – Experience In The Industry
[11:20] – Put Hundreds Into Business
[12:22] – extraktLAB’s Unique Three
[14:40] – High Throughput Drives Low Cost
[16:25] – 1st Gen Co2 Extraction Equipment
[17:04] – Our Experience With Ethanol Extraction Equipment
[18:00] – Lowest Cost Offering: Co2 Extraction VS Ethanol Extraction
[25:00] – Post Extraction Solutions For Ethanol
[26:48] – Preview of Part 02