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CBD is used in many forms to create a variety of useful products in the hemp extract market. While distillate is commonplace to formulate quality full-spectrum CBD products, CBD isolate is equally relevant for certain formulations in the industry. THC-ND products, for example, rely on CBD isolate to ensure the lack of psychoactive cannabinoids in a final product. For some, this is the best possible method to use CBD products in a way that avoids any repercussions from a product containing even trace amounts of other cannabinoids.

Because of their THC-ND status, and relative ease of use in product formulations, CBD isolate has become commonplace in the extraction industry, making it critically important to recognize the best methods to incorporate isolate production in your operation. Whether using isolate for your product formulations, or selling CBD isolate as a bulk, wholesale product to other businesses, successfully creating isolate can be a complicated process, but a necessary one to keep up with the competition.

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon discuss all things CBD isolate. Their discussion answers a variety of questions including: What is CBD isolate? How do you make CBD isolate? What equipment is necessary to create a quality isolate? How can you effectively scale up CBD isolate production? And much, much more. Learn how to successfully isolate into your production now to ensure your place in this increasingly competitive market.

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0:00 Introduction
0:45 Who uses isolate and how is it made?
2:50 Drying isolate
3:20 Podcast outline on isolate
3:55 Isolate process diagram
5:05 Walking through the extraction process
5:50 Explaining full spectrum and broad spectrum formulations
6:50 Illustration of crude to isolate
7:05 What oil is best to make isolate?
9:55 What is CBD isolate?
12:28 Steps to make CBD isolate
16:58 What is the best solvent for making CBD isolate?
21:22 Equipment needed to make isolate?
24:28 Stirred reactors to make CBD crystals
26:46 Solvent Recovery in the isolation process
27:20 Filtration
28:55 Drying isolate
31:39 Testing for residuals and potency
32:44 Final thoughts

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