CO2 Extraction vs Ethanol Extraction Rematch

Dr Jon discuss the key differences between CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction. They discuss equipment costs, solvents changeovers, operational costs, and how an extraction method can affect an enterprise’s value.

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00:00 Welcome
05:42 CO2 extraction vs Ethanol Extraction
06:17 Equipment and start up cost comparison
08:59 Comparison of monthly operating costs for ethanol extraction and CO2 extraction
14:54 Operating cost comparison Food grade ethanol and Denatured ethanol
20:22 What is solvent from ethanol extraction and co2 extraction?
24:58 CO2 extraction needs ethanol?
31:05 Can Ethanol be brought back to its original state?
33:13 Is solvent changeover required?
38:12 What is solvent changeover?
38:53 What if I never changed out my solvent?
40:47 What are energy costs CO2 vs ethanol from extraction process?
45:16 Cost Comparison for one ton per day
50:42 How can extraction method affect the enterprise value?
56:13 Hidden costs for ethanol extraction
57:29 Ethanol extraction vs co2 extraction score card
59:15 Why does CO2 equipment cost more?
1:01:31 Checkmate
1:01:42 Safety of CO2 and exposure to it?
1:03:00 Outro

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