Comparing CBD Distillate vs Isolate

In this video we compare the differences between full spectrum distillate to individually isolated CBD.

Distillation is not a new technology by any means, but advances in the industrial hemp and botanical industry are appearing in strides. From essential oils, to spirits, to botanical concentrates, the distillation process is critical to create a pure, refined product. To create a pure CBD distillate that is up to the current standard of quality and safety, high quality distillation equipment and the latest technology must be implemented.

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0:08 Distillate
0:14 How distillate is made
0:18 Potency of distillate
0:25 How distillate should look
0:45 What causes dark distillate
0:55 Testing distillate
1:08 Distillate crystallization
1:26 Isolate
1:38 Potency of isolate
1:48 Appearance, scent and taste of isolate
2:00 Contact extraktLAB for distillate and isolate formulations