CO2 Extraction vs Ethanol Extraction: Costs of Operation

With any hemp or botanical extraction startup, there are a number of operational costs that have to be taken into account to ensure a successful operation. Among those costs are the extraction technique and solvents used to produce your final products. When it comes to extraction solvents extraktLAB utilizes a supercritical CO2 method because of its safety, efficiency, and long-term profitability. With a cost-comparison to ethanol, CO2 alone costs $.04 per pound as opposed to an exponential $4.71 per pound of ethanol, it’s clear on overhead costs alone that ethanol is the costlier option when for any extraction operation. On top of that, the cost of solvent loss is staggering with ethanol costs ranging from $4000 to $7800 per day as opposed to only $200 to $300 when using supercritical CO2 extraction methods. In this presentation, Dr. Jon discusses the various costs associated with two popular extraction techniques, ethanol and CO2, to help you determine which option is the best choice for long-term financial growth, sustainability, and profitability in your own extraction business. Listen in as Dr. Jon highlights the looming costs of ethanol extraction and the profitability of CO2 extraction when considering your own extraction startup.

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Time Stamps:
CO2 Extraction vs Ethanol Extraction Costs of Operation [00:00]
Extraction Equipment and Startup Cost Comparison[00:32]
Game Over?[03:50]
Comparison of Financial Statements for Costs for Ethanol vs CO2 [04:11]
Operating Cost Comparison of Food grade vs Denature Ethanol [04:52]
Comparison of Monthly Operating Costs Loss of Solvent [07:48]
What is Solvent Loss from Ethanol vs CO2 Extraction?[08:13]
Co2 Extraction Needs Ethanol [10:10]
Comparison of Cost of Solvent Changeover [11:20]
What is Solvent Changeover [11:46]
Is Solvent Changeover Required? [12:16]
Can Ethanol Be Brought Back to Its Original State? [14:16]
Solvent Reuse Costs vs Interval Time [17:00]
What if I Never Changed Out My Solvent?[17:56]
Comparison of Energy Cost[18:56]
Comparison of Labor [22:37]
Cost Comparison for 1 Ton Per Day[24:24]
How Can Extraction Method Affect the Enterprise Value? [25:16]
Additional Hidden Costs for Ethanol Extraction [27:28]
Ethanol vs CO2 Extraction Score Card [30:41]
Final Words From Dr. Jon [32:06]