CO2 Extraction vs Ethanol Extraction: A Cost Comparison

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Time Stamps:
[00:00] – CO2 vs Ethanol: A Cost Comparison
[00:30] – Overview of items
[00:55] – Production Volume Estimate per Day
[02:40] – Calculating extraction cycles
[03:00] – Bulk CO2 costs
[03:56] – Ethanol Winterization
[04:54] – Electrical costs
[05:24] – Labor costs
[05:50] – Capital equipment costs
[06:19] – Comparing CO2 costs to ethanol costs
[06:30] – Keeping in mind ESG footprint
[08:30] – Seeing the difference in solvent loss costs
[09:25] – Ethanol startup and reuse costs
[10:05] – Issues with ethanol reuse
[10:30] – Ethanol waste costs
[11:40] – Energy costs with ethanol extraction
[12:40] – Labor for ethanol extraction
[12:49] – Capital costs for ethanol extraction equipment
[13:30] – Cost comparison of output material
[13:50] – Comparison of ethanol and co2 extraction costs over time
[14:54] – Coming back to ESG footprint
[15:15] – Final Thoughts