Clearstill Distillation Product Tour

This week on extrakTALKS with Dr. Jon, he and Randy are In the LAB to go over the key differences between automated and manual Wiped Film Evaporators (wfe).

As we move into the future of hemp production technology it makes sense that parts of the process are now being automated.

Be sure to join us for another informative and entertaining episode.
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:00 Introduction
:38 Automated system with clearSTILL
:42 Dual wiper system
:55 Full path tour
1:20 HMI panel
1:40 Dual Stage
2:35 Mass flow sensors
3:00 How wiped film equipment works
3:50 Cold finger
4:18 Short path distillation
5:00 Vacuum conditioning system
6:15 Condensing and collecting terpenes
6:40 Roughing pump and turbo pump
7:35 Changing out oil and maintenance
7:50 Flow rate
8:25 Terpene recovery system
8:38 The second distillation stage
8:23 Using IPA and dry ice
9:30 Running methods
11:30 Alarms
12:15 Can you add more product during the process?
12:45 Higher yield in one clearSTILL cycle
13:25 Purity vs. throughput
13:45 Automation and regulation
15:00 Laser based motor control
15:55 Final Thoughts