Calculators Galore!

Would you like to know your yearly operating costs using CO2 vs. Ethanol? What about what yield you will have from your biomass? Maybe you'd like to calculate your potential yield from biomass? Good news! extraktLAB has a calculator for that! In this episode of extrakTalks, Dr. Jon and Randall discuss the launch of extraktLAB's botanical extraction and Business Calculators library.   

There are many facets of the hemp extraction industry that take a lot of planning and careful calculation in order to see a profitable return on investment. This remains true whether you are a farmer, grower, processor, or investors. By building this calculator library, extraktLAB gives you the opportunity to take out the guesswork and use meticulous calculations to optimize production and see a worthwhile profit - no matter what part of the hemp industry you may be a part of.   The calculator library is always growing! 

Whatever your need, extraktLAB will provide a calculator. So, whether you're a farmer, grower, consumer or producer looking for a tincture dosage calculator, outdoor grow yield calculator or various manufacturing cost calculators - all are discussed in this week's podcast, Calculators Galore!

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[00:00] Calculators Galore! Tools for Operational Excellence
[06:10] Estimated Co2 vs Ethanol Yearly Operating Costs
[33:50] CBD Yield Calculator - Estimate Weight of Output from Biomass
[39:45] Revenue Generation - Distillate Estimate and Revenue
[42:26] Cost Of Goods Sold - Labor, Material, and Overhead Per Month
[43:52] Initial Investment
[45:35] Revenue Results
[52:08] THC Oil Yield Calculator Based on Greenhouse Flowering Area
[57:03] Disclaimer on all Calculators
[57:30] Final Words
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