Summary of Bottlenecks Solved

Bottlenecks are an issue within any business and inside any industry. These issues are never easy to solve, but there are always solutions. Inside the hemp industry there are many potential areas in the process that can lead to bottlenecks. Fortunately for this industry, extraktLAB has created a solution to these problems with the igwLAB.

igwLAB is a GMP-compliant, specialized manufacturing execution and quality tracking system (MES) built specifically for the botanical extraction industry. The igwLAB provides information to help manufacturing decision makers understand how current conditions on the plant floor can be optimized to improve production output. igwLAB software was designed to help extraction facility operations manage material and information flow. The process of extracting hemp biomass into CBD or CBG oils requires extraction equipment, distillation equipment, and formulations operations to finish goods such as vapor pens or CBD pills. The software includes thirteen unique individual modules that guides operators, quality managers, and laboratory personnel through the production process. The software creates master batch records for each step in the process so that maximum traceability can be achieved and easily reported on.

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon discuss all the potential bottlenecks that hemp processors may face and how the igwLAB has the potential to solve these issues. From the first steps of receiving biomass down to distillation and product formulation, bottlenecks are no more with this extraktLAB solution.

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[00:00] Welcome
[04:25] Hemp Processing Steps
[06:41] Solvent Removal
[07:18] Hemp Processing Steps (slide)
[20:18] Where are the Bottlenecks?
[39:01] Operator Bottlenecks
[46:33] MES ‚Äď mistake proof your process
[49:52] Value of LIM system
[50:27] Hemp Processing Steps (slide)
[52:52] igwLAB
[57:48] Hemp GMP Requirements
[68:18] Final Words

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