All Things Processing Facilities

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All things processing facilities! So, you’re dreaming big with plans to start up your own hemp processing business. You think you’ve got it all figured out; what extraction methods you’ll use, potential investors to pitch to and what end products you’re going to make. But, there’s one factor in particular that demands more attention than you may have realized: The facility you’ll use!

There are so many considerations to choosing your facility that it may be dizzying to think about. You’ll need to factor in where your facility will be located, parking, power supply, packaging, occupancy requirements, local municipal regulations, C1D2 compliance, the startup scale of your operation, and much, much more. Before you are able to start anything in this business, the specifics of your facility are the first hurdle, but where do you begin, and how will you know what choices are the right ones to make?

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon discusses All Things Processing Facilities. From point A to point B, Dr. Jon is your guide to your startup plan covering everything you’ll need to consider when deciding your processing facility. From the very beginnings to your overall endgame, this episode will give you everything you need to ensure that your hemp processing facility is compliant, fully operational, and profitable for years to come.

LISTEN to this episode:

00:00 – Introduction
04:15 – This week’s winner
06:10 – Hemp hemp facilities
06:37 – Where do I put my facility?
09:38 – Turnaround and parking
12:01 – Where everything starts
13:29 – What kind of power do we need?
15:03 – What’s the scale of your facility?
17:00 – Site location
17:31 – Outside transformer needs
19:19 – Delta phase
19:45 – Crawl, Walk, Run Strategy
20:00 – Creating the five year plan
21:29 – Packaging
22:03 – Properly proportioning your facility
23:22 – Different locations or cross contamination
26:56 – Quarantining product
27:17 – Receiving process or file
30:23 – Occupancy requirements
34:41 – Do I need C1D2? And what does C1D2 mean?
35:38 – What type of designation do you need for CO2?
37:47 – Isolate lab pentane
39:12 – Insurance company
41:48 – Easily fixable
43:10 – Business flow
44:29 – Value stream mapping
47:06 – Process A and process B
49:15 – WIP (Work in Progress)
51:06 – Hemp storage facilities
53:35 – Calculators
55:12 – Encouragement
56:15 – CBD jam sessions

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